BrainViaSpine is a health institution serving in the field of brain and neurosurgery in Izmir. In our clinic in Alsancak, we have been serving our patients since 2016 with our experienced physician staff and multidisciplinary approach.


     Our clinic offers diagnosis and treatment methods in line with current medical information and practices. As BrainViaSpine, we try to understand the unique needs of each patient and shape our treatment plans accordingly; We carefully examine the condition of our patients with our detailed diagnostic techniques and create a personalized treatment plan based on these data.

     During the treatment process, the comfort, health and well-being of our patients is always our priority. With the sense of responsibility brought by our field, we establish close communication with our patients and try to understand their expectations. At every step, we answer our patients’ questions, address their concerns and provide support to make them feel safe.


     For us, treatment is more than just managing symptoms, improving quality of life and enabling our patients to continue their active lives. Therefore, we aim to create a comprehensive treatment plan, taking into account the specific situation and needs of each patient.


     Our main goal is to continue to improve ourselves with the feedback we receive from our patients and to offer the most appropriate treatment options for each patient by using modern technology and a holistic medicine approach.


     It is a great source of pride for us to see positive treatment processes in many of our patients over the years with our experienced expert staff and leading institutions in the field with which we cooperate.


     Your health and well-being is our priority.

     We would be happy to have you in our clinic.

What is Neurosurgery?

Neurourgery is a medical specialty that performs the diagnosis, treatment and surgical interventions of disorders related to the central and peripheral nervous system. Doctors specializing in this field are called “Brain Surgeons” or “Neurosurgeons”.


The brain and nervous system are vital for managing and controlling bodily functions. The problems that occur in this system, where the brain, spinal cord and nerves form a complex network, can lead to serious consequences. Neurosurgery is the specialty that works for the diagnosis and treatment of such problems.

The scope of neurosurgery extends to conditions such as brain tumors, stroke, epilepsy, brain hemorrhages, nerve injuries, spinal disorders and degenerative nerve diseases. Neurosurgeons try to improve the quality of life of patients by diagnosing and treating these conditions using advanced technological tools and surgical techniques.


Neurosurgery requires a multidisciplinary approach. Specialists collaborate with doctors, radiologists and neurologists from other medical fields to provide all-round care for patients. With a patient-oriented approach, he evaluates the condition of each patient, understands their needs and creates the most appropriate treatment plan for the person.

In addition to being a complex and sensitive field, neurosurgery is constantly adapting to technological and scientific developments. In this way, it helps patients achieve better results and investigate their quality of life.


As an experienced, reliable and expert team focused on the health of our patients, we are proud to provide services that meet the needs of each patient by using the latest medical knowledge, technological innovations and personalized treatment approaches.