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Izmir Brain & Spine Surgery

BrainViaSpine is one of the leading teams of Izmir Brain and Neurosurgery with its experienced physician staff and multidisciplinary work, growing with the value it receives from its patients, reliable and quality health care. As BrainViaSpine, which aims to use advanced diagnosis and treatment methods simultaneously with the world, our aim is your “health”.

With the strength and support we receive from you, we strive to increase our quality every day. Together, to a healthy future…

Remote Health Service

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Emaryolla.com is an award-winning online platform designed to facilitate communication between patient and doctor, where you can send your magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or commonly known as EMAR and computed tomography results to our specialists for a medical evaluation. This platform ensures that medical images are transmitted safely and quickly to specialists. In this way, our patients can get more information about their medical conditions and evaluate possible treatment options.

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Brain Tumors and Diseases

This speciality focuses on the treatment of various conditions such as brain diseases, brain tumors and traumas. Click for more information…

Spine Surgery

Spine Surgery is a medical discipline in which comprehensive and progressive surgical techniques are used to treat spinal conditions and diseases. Click for more information…

Pediatric Neurosurgery

Pediatric Neurosurgery is a specialized medical specialty that focuses on treating children’s brain and nervous system-specific conditions. Click for more information…

Algology / Pain Treatment

Algology / Pain Management is a medical specialty in which multidisciplinary approaches are used to manage chronic pain conditions and improve the quality of life of patients. Click for more information…

Geriatric Neurosurgery

This speciality focuses on the understanding and treatment of diseases specific to the aging brain and nervous system, providing treatment approaches unique to each elderly patient. Click for more information…

Functional Neurosurgery

This unit focuses on the surgical treatment of Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy and other neurological conditions. Click for more information…

Peripheral Nervous System Disorders

This speciality provides the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral nerve diseases such as nerve entrapments, peripheral nerve tumors and similar conditions. Click for more information…

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